Why Choose Us?

912 classes is not only about coaching but is an attempt to nurture your child’s future. Our primary focus area is medical and engineering entrance coaching offered through a Hybrid Learning model. Our remote classes connect the best teachers of the country with children in smaller towns so that they have an equal opportunity as students in bigger cities. Our teachers who are IIT passed out Phd holders in their individual domain have numerous research papers to their credit and aim to strengthen the fundamentals of your child to reduce the burden of the vast curriculum.

We adopt an ICS (Integrated Conceptual Sequential) Learning approach which is aimed at providing a smooth transition for your child from primary school curriculum to secondary school with an emphasis on concepts. We also try to identify a sequence in the questions appearing in various exams to reduce the need for too many books. THE ICS approach helps in achieving a balance between CBSE curriculum and the entrance exam syllabus.

912 Classes is simply the best place your child can be after his school hours. We will make learning an enjoyable process and also help him to meet like-minded students. Your child will benefit from the knowledge of some of the most reputed teachers of the country and gain in confidence. It is surely a sound investment into your child’s future.

Integrated Conceptual Sequential

Learning is a continuous process and never ends. It is not limited to a few books but is a lifelong experience. Strong concepts developed in childhood will develop a hunger for knowledge in your child and make learning a habit. 912 Classes believes in preparing your child for the future and not just for entrance exams. We have developed an innovative ICS (Integrated Conceptual Sequential) approach which will prepare your child for success in entrance exams in a progressive way.

Integration concept

We have a responsibility towards your child and it does not end when the clock strikes 9! We try hard to reduce the burden of studies on your children and make learning an enjoyable process for them. Our Integration concept aims at bridging the gap between CBSE and entrance exams and helps your child to succeed at both the fronts. We achieve it by identifying three different levels and help your child to transition from simple to tough level. Our concept based approach makes this transition effective.

Conceptual approach

A medical or an engineering entrance exam does not test your child for knowledge but for concepts! This is the simple principle we follow while developing our curriculum to ensure that your child develops strong fundamentals in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. Our expert faculty brings vast experience with them and has helped many students develop strong concepts. They adopt a practical approach towards teaching which makes learning enjoyable and reduces the dependence on too many books. Our faculty also has a sharp eye for identifying similar pattern in exam questions.

Sequential method

Everything in the world follows a pattern and exam questions are no exception! The trick lies in identifying this pattern and our faculty is well trained in it. They adopt a 3E’s approach towards decoding exam questions which involves:

  • Expertise
  • Extra ordinary skills
  • Experience
    • Our experts put in a great deal of research and development to identify a pattern which helps your child to prepare comprehensively for the entrance exams. Our ICS approach is unmatched in the education field and is certainly our ISP. It creates a virtuous circle of knowledge with each process flowing smoothly into the other. ICS gives your child an early edge and prepares him for a smooth learning process for life!