What We Do?

912 Classes bring in a completely novel approach to coaching. In fact, we take coaching to the next level and believe in mentoring your child. Our teachers have a friendly approach and a keen eye to judge the interest level of your child. Even on a camera, they can tell the comfort level of your children just by looking at their body language. 912 Classes handpicks highly qualified and experienced teachers who will become the perfect mentors for your children.

Progressive syllabus

912 Classes adopts ICS (Integrated Conceptual Sequential) Learning syllabus. We start building the fundamentals of your child during the formative years (Class 9 and 10) and help him to transition smoothly to higher classes. Our syllabus aims to create a balance between CBSE/ State curriculum and entrance exam syllabus to reduce the burden on your child. Our concept based approach reduces the need for too many books and helps your child to plan his time systematically.

Connecting different worlds

We know that the quality of coaching in the metro cities in India is advanced than those in the smaller towns. Children in bigger cities get an exposure to highly qualified and experienced teachers which your child may be missing out on. Our Hybrid learning model bridges this gap by connecting your child with the best teachers across the country. We also adopt a Hybrid learning model which reduces our operational costs and makes our classes cost-effective.We ensure that your child gets an equal opportunity as everybody else!