912 Classes believes in a human touch and enables it through advanced technology. We are the pioneers of H-Learning (Hybrid Learning) in the country and offer remote teaching at considerably lower cost. The H-learning model blends the elements of Virtual Learning and Direct learning while retaining a personal touch. Our remote classrooms are a technological marvel and a dream come true for every child preparing for medical and engineering entrance exams.

The ‘Hub and Spoke’ Model

This is the model which is the basis of our remote classrooms. At the ‘Hub’ lies the studio in which our expert pool of teachers delivers the classes. We ensure that there is no disturbance of any sort for the teachers in the studio. The ‘spokes’ are our delivery centers or the remote classrooms where you child can see the teacher live in the studio. All this happens using our VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is our private and secure network.

How will technology benefit your child?

Our technology ensures high speed streaming and superior audio as well as video quality. The teacher can monitor the attention level of students while the students can raise their hands to ask questions. The entire setup is like sitting face to face with a teacher. There may be a gap in the location of the teacher and students but there is no gap in their minds! Our technology adds a ‘human touch’ to the entire concept.