Evolution Learning Center(ELC)

It is said that a human being’s greatest fear is for public speaking! Are you getting enough exposure to present yourself confidently in the corporate? 912 Classes understands that the seeds of confidence have to be sown at an early age itself. Our Evolution Learning Center is an innovative concept which will help you to polish your soft skills and project yourself as an outspoken person in the real world. It provides a suitable finishing touch for people about to start their jobs or even students preparing for competitive exams.

As the name Evolution Learning Centre (ELC) suggest, this is an effort to help talented and aspiring individuals like you to grab every opportunity that life has to offer and achieve your true potential. Through the various courses being offered at ELC, we will ensure that you are at the same level as your counterpart from any other part of the country.

In today’s competitive world , success is not guaranteed just based on your technical skills alone. Success today is based on various other attributes such as :-  

  1. Effective communication skills which mean a person who has mastered the art of effective Presentation Skills. Thus he/she is able to express his/her thoughts effectively and precisely in any language.
  2. Success is also dependent on the knowledge of relevant Interview Question and  Answers and on having the right interview handling techniques.
  3. Emphasis on personal effectiveness like Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Qualities & Team Management Skills, Negotiation Skills , good Memory Power.
  4. An impressive and pleasing personality can open many doors. Hence it is very essential to take some Personality Development and Professional Development classes to understand the nuances of having a pleasing personality and to master the various aspects of enhancing one’s professional life !
  5. Success also depends on the emotional maturity of a person implying how well a person has mastered the art of Stress Management and Time Management in an ever changing dynamic work environment.
Evolution Learning Center (ELC) , is a platform to ensure young talented individuals like you master all these attributes. Thus ensuring your success in every sphere of life ! Once an individuals undergoes the sessions at ELC , he /she is positioned to achieve their true potential!

The various courses offered by Evolution Learning Centre, ensure a complete overall development of your personality. Our modules will polish and fine tune all aspects of your personality. Our modules will polish and fine tune all aspects of your personality, which will guarantee your success in all aspects of life!!!

The courses offered by us are –


For more details call ELC helpline  -  1800 30000 911